The Luxe Hipster


Lately, everything that is not considered “mainstream” fashion has now become “hipster.” Ripped jeans, basic tees, thick-rimmed glasses and toques have now become a norm whether you’re looking at mainstream fashion or “hipster” clothes. It all comes down to, what REALLY is hipster fashion? Many consider a true hipster to only find pieces of clothing at a vintage store. Let’s not forget, oversized clothing. Remember “mom jeans” and “dad’s denim jacket”… yes those items hiding in your parent’s closets from when they were considered “hip” are todays “mainstream” fashion. I love it.


I couldn’t find the right term to describe my style. I wouldn’t say I’m completely hipster nor am I completely “mainstream.” I mean these terms are easily interchangeable today.  I don’t shop at only vintage stores nor do I only shop at the mall. Personally, it has never been about the brand. We live our whole lives with labels hence why I don’t put emphasis on it when it comes down to clothing. For me, it’s about finding the right piece and most importantly the right fit! Oh and let’s not forget that the clothing must be breathable and comfortable. (A t-shirt that is a little oversized only means that I can eat more without my food baby showing haha!)

Hence why I finally developed the term to describe my closet: The Luxe Hipster. A luxe hipster is someone who wears luxe “mainstream” brands but also finds unique pieces here and there at your local vintage store. Combined together, it’s the perfect balance of casual chic clothing. 

Speaking of luxe hipster style, I wanted to share the new addition to my shoe collection. Combat boots! I've seen many friends rock a pair of rad combat boots but never saw myself wearing a pair until I stumbled upon the perfect pair at Geox! This boot was designed for men of great style who love slightly retro tastes like me but demand exceptional comfort from their footwear. They are the perfect pair with a vintage feel. 

I have to admit, the best feature in these boots are the zippers on the side. I'm guilty of always running late in the morning and will slip on a pair of shoes but tie my shoe laces in the elevator to save time. With the zipper feature, I'm able to always have my shoe laces tied at all times and never have to worry about it when I'm running late! 

What I'm Wearing:

H&M Wool-Blend Jumper (similar), Urban Outfitters Feathers Curved Hem Long Sleeve Tee, Rag & Bone Fit 0 Jeans in Black (similar), Geox Jaylon Boots, Oak + Fort 97027 Hat in Black, Medium Intro Black & Gold Watch 

Photos captured by: Michael Biro (@globalgarcon