New York City Coffee Guide

New York City...There’s something about the vibe of the city that never fails to leave me in complete awe. My recent trip to the Big Apple was one for the books. It’s now become a yearly ritual to make it out there at least once a year. My motivation: all the #eeeeeats and #coffeefliicks. As crazy as it sounds, I love going to the city mainly to eat, visit cute cafes and connect with people (thanks to Instagram, I now have a second home and Insta-fam in New York City). For a city that never sleeps, you best believe I hit up more than one coffee shop to keep me fuelled in the concrete jungle!  

While New York is full of great coffee, the plethora of cafes can be hard to navigate. Here to help is my mini guide to New York City's best coffee shops. This guide reveals where to find the best "Insta-worthy" lattes, cortados, and even some unexpected drinks because in New York, it's always coffee-o-clock. 

Abhi's Coffee Guide 


Bluestone Lane

Address: 30 Carmine St, New York

Neighbourhood: West Village

Highlights: Cortado + their Avocado Smash topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower sprouts & e.v.o.o. (A good avo-toast is the way to my heart.)






Banter Coffee

Address: 169 Sullivan Street, New York

Neighbourhood: Greenwich Village

Highlight: Turmeric latte and their eclectic Aussie interiors with a cute street-side patio!  




Spreadhouse Café

Address: 116 Suffolk St, New York

Neighbourhood: East Village

Highlights: Lattes and cozy coffee-shop corners with floor seating that makes you want to lounge around for hours. 




Address: 1216 Broadway, New York

Neighbourhood: Murray Hill

Highlight: Matcha Matcha Matcha Matcha! (possibly the best I've ever had!) 



Happy Bones

Address: 394 Broome St, New York

Neighbourhood: Soho 

Highlights: Everything on the menu. Seriously. This tiny cafe with three tables takes their coffee just as seriously as their local artwork + carry the most interesting publications to read. 


Ludlow Coffee Supply

Address: 176 Ludlow St, New York

Neighbourhood: East Village 

Highlights: Bourbon vanilla latte! Who wouldn't want a shot of bourbon with their morning dose of coffee to get the day started? I would! Hands down, this place has the best latte art + cozy coffee shop vibes for you to kick back, relax and enjoy some rad coffees. 


Three Seat Espresso Bar

Address: 137 Avenue A, New York

Neighbourhood: East Village

Highlights: "Just a latte" x 5. This spot just opened up recently and they've already made a buzz in New York's café scene with a pop of yellow in every corner of this café, including their signature yellow cups. 

New York City has some of the best "Instagrammable" coffee shops that taste just as good as they look!

Counting down the cups till my next visit.