The Importance of Fresh Produce with Food Basics

It goes without saying that fresh food is best for us. After all, chemicals and ingredients we cannot pronounce aren’t in themselves appetizing, so why feed us with them and allow them to affect both our long and short-term health?


Coming from a culinary background and being involved in the culinary community, I’m guilty for spending more time at a grocery store than a mall. A bunch of fresh carrots excite me more than a pair of new trousers. (Ok, maybe I’m lying. I love both.). In the recent years, there has been a growing concern in the industry revolving around cooking using sustainable ingredients. Now you’re probably wondering what the heck makes ingredients sustainable? Is it the same as organic ingredients? Yes. Organic produce is sustainable and vice versa. Organic is a certification whereas sustainable is the way of life therefore the two terms can be interchangeable.


Sustainable organic ingredients are ingredients that are grown, processed, and distributed in such a way that they do not harm the environment that they occupy. This aspect applies to every stage of production, from growth to preparation. Sustainable ingredients are grown without the use of GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides. All of those ingredients have been known to have a harmful effect on the long and short-term health of those who ingest them.

I recently began educating myself on why it’s important to buy and cook with sustainable ingredients. It makes a whole world of a difference in terms of quality and more importantly flavour. When I first moved to Toronto, living on a student budget meant that I purchased poor quality produce that was by no means was healthy for me.  Over the years that has changed drastically now that I can afford to splurge and spend a lot more on good quality ingredients.

One great way to access fresh, sustainable foods is to choose locally sourced, organic ingredients at your local grocery store. However, in most cases anything labelled organic is just naturally double or triple the price of regular non-organic produce. It’s the same when you go out to eat. Getting a burger is cheaper than buying a healthy salad bowl for lunch and that shouldn’t be the case... Do you agree?

However, there is one grocery store that is taking off the expensive price tag for good quality, always fresh, always in stock produce and ingredients. With their tag line “always more for less”, Food Basics is a grocery store committed to providing the best of the best. They believe in creating a memorable experience for grocery shoppers and their new location shows that. At Food Basics customers can have the best of both worlds – a one-stop shop while saving on groceries to ensure they really can have it all! 

The company has made a formal commitment to bring its customers more local products in-store. The program is based on three guiding principles that allows them to optimize the access and promotion of local products, making the company: 

  1. A unique showcase for regional products.

  2. A key partner of Foodland Ontario and associations that promote Ontario products.

  3. A key partner for innovative suppliers .


Food Basics opened its first urban concept store in Toronto at Lansdowne and Dupont. This brand-new store layout is the first of its kind for the company. It’s got exposed brick walls and graffiti installations from Toronto artist Meghan Kehoe. The beautiful new store is in a historic location, paying homage to the neighbourhood through custom décor reflecting the industrial factories that were housed there in the early 1900’s. The vendors and products on offer at this store have also been tailored specifically to the taste of the community making it even more unique. 

They say a memorable shopping experience is one you'll remember for time to come and Food Basics ensures your grocery shopping experience is one you'll enjoy. Their new location has wider aisles, more parking, easy-to-reach products, and a smoother check-out process. The staff is capable of offering alternative product suggestions and tips that align to shoppers’ lifestyles, budgets, and health goals.  With a strong focus on local foods and community, Food Basics's new location is making a shift from average to excellent in the grocery world. 


Here's to good health and always supporting local! 

Food Basics' new location is located at 830 Lansdowne Ave. The major intersection is Lansdowne Ave. and Dupont StIt's a short walk or bus ride up Lansdowne subway station. For more information, check out their website here.