This breakfast had me b(EGG)ing for more!

Cafe Neon has two locations: Queen West and Wallace St. Michael (@globalgarcon) & I decided to pop by the location on Wallace St. for a change of scenery. Hidden in a quiet neighbourhood close to Lansdowne Station, this little cafe knows exactly what they're doing. Regardless of the time of day, you'll always see this place buzzin' with people walking in and out either to get their caffeine fix and/or sitting down to enjoy a scrumptious meal. For us, it was a bit of both! 

It's no secret that the team at Cafe Neon knows how to make a mean breakfast/brunch. The number of times I've seen a brunch photo from there in the past few months on my Instagram feed is insane. Being an avid foodie myself, I absolutely had to make a trip out here to check out the hype and let me tell you, the photos did not lie. This meal was off the hook and not only was this meal off the hook, the service was impeccable (shoutout to our server Kelly for taking excellent care of us and always having a smile on her face!).

Typically when I go out for breakfast or brunch, I tend to enjoy the more classic menu items such as eggs, toast, roasted potatoes, etc. (pretty basic eh?) and lucky for me, Cafe Neon kept their menu light, simple and straight to the point! This made the ordering process for Michael and I easy. 

On The Table

First: Coffee

(Let's be honest, a morning without a cup of coffee is like sleep.)


Being a keen coffee drinker, nothing makes me more happy than a good cup of coffee and sticking true to its name, Cafe Neon doesn't play games when it comes to getting your morning caffeine fix. Next time I'm back, I'm going to make it a point to find out where they source their beans from! I love supporting local roasters. 

Next: Oatmeal Pots

Nothing says "good morning" like a warm bowl of oatmeal! 

Goji Berry Oatmeal Pot with Flax & Almond ($4.00 + tax) 

Goji Berry Oatmeal Pot with Flax & Almond ($4.00 + tax) 

Coconut Oatmeal Pot with Pineapple & Papaya ($4.00 + tax) 

Coconut Oatmeal Pot with Pineapple & Papaya ($4.00 + tax) 


Oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to start your day. Whether slowly cooked and creamy or blended with fresh fruit, oatmeal is one of my go-to items for breakfast. Seeing oatmeal on the menu put a smile on my face but what got me really excited were the fun and playful flavour combinations Owner Niki came up with it! Feeling adventurous, we ordered the coconut with pineapple + papaya (right) and goji berries with flax + almond (left) oatmeal pots. These tropical flavour combinations made us forget about the icy weather outside. Michael described them as comfort in a bowl and I couldn't agree more. 

Lastly: Breakfast Plate for him + Smoked Trout Sandwich for me


Some mornings all you need is a good ol' breakfast plate with eggs, sausage, toast, greens and potatoes and that is exactly what Michael was craving. He had the choice on how he wanted his eggs and he opted for a classic sunny-side up. The highlight of the dish for him were crispy potatoes seasoned to perfection which he later dipped in his runny, ooey-gooey egg yolk (yum!). As a matter of fact, they were so good that I was fighting forks with him to get a couple of potatoes myself! Next time, I'm going to make sure to get a side of crispy potatoes and I highly recommend this to anyone that goes as well! 

Breakfast Plate ($12.00 + tax) 

Breakfast Plate ($12.00 + tax) 

For me, I'm more of a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel kind of guy when it comes to having a quick breakfast. Owner Niki took a spin on this classic and added her house smoked Ontario trout with capers, cream cheese, dill, organic sprouts in a perfectly toasted sesame bagel. I'm a sucker for smoked anything, especially fish! The house smoked trout won me over in a heartbeat. The smoky flavour wasn't overpowering to the natural taste of the fish itself which is a total win in my books having smoked my own trout back in culinary school! 

Smoked Trout Sandwich ($7.25 + tax) 

Smoked Trout Sandwich ($7.25 + tax) 

Overall, Cafe Neon is more than just a cafe. It's a pleasantly unexpected neighbourhood hangout spot with a chill, relaxed vibe and drool-worthy food that had me b(egg)ing for more! I'm looking forward to coming back, perhaps for lunch this time! 

Cafe Neon is located at 241 Wallace Ave. The nearest major intersection is Bloor and Lansdowne. It's a short walk up from Lansdowne subway station. 


DISCLAIMER: THIS POST IS in collaboration with cafe neon, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.