Transform Cleaning


If you were born in the 90’s – like me – then you not only remember Monica from “Friends,” but you also likely remember every episode, every line. And you also probably remember that whenever Monica got stressed out, she’d start to clean the house. Scrubbing windows, mopping floors, rearranging her cabinets: Monica was the definition of OCD.

Yeah, I’m exactly like Monica. Ever since I began working as a freelancer, having a clean space has become even more important. Despite all the stories you’ve heard, the hardest part of working from home isn’t putting on pants every day. It’s maintaining a clean workspace. Aside from editing photos, answering emails, and all of the boring admin work, a lot of my job actually entails me getting dirty in the kitchen. I mean, I had to put my Culinary Management Diploma to good use after I decided to detour my career path from working long hours in the kitchen.

I love cooking (both for work and pleasure!). With lots of cooking going on in the kitchen, you can only imagine how messy my kitchen gets on a regular. Imagine. Dishes. Everywhere. As much as I love to cook, I hate cleaning up (probably my least favourite thing to do in the kitchen). So, when it comes to cleaning my preferred cleaning tool of choice is my vacuum cleaner. I vacuum literally everything because it’s fast, efficient and does the trick in half the time of my broom or duster. My broom is extinct to me.

However, my shitty $30.00 cord-vacuum cleaner began giving up on me. Living in a loft on a higher floor, I’m fighting a constant battle with my worst enemy…dust! It’s everywhere and it’s back the next day after I clean. "sigh* My old vacuum cleaner didn’t have good enough suction; it made cleaning those hard to reach places a challenge. You can only imagine how annoyed I got being a “Monica”. It was time for change and to switch things up, I recently got my hands on the brand new Dyson V8 Animal Cordless vacuum cleaner. My life instantly changed. Hallelujah. 


I've always been a fan of Dyson. Their products are sleek, minimal and most importantly powerful. Not too long ago I got my hands on the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and it stepped up my hair game from 0 - 100 real quick. Therefore, it was only time that I got my hands on their powerful vacuum cleaners as well and grew my Dyson family. 

The Dyson V8 come with several different attachments to clean possibly everything you can imagine. To see how powerful the Dyson V8 really is, I put it to the ultimate test because I'm not one to buy into words easily until I physically test it out, especially cleaning gear! 


I'm talking in the kitchen, baking, flour everywhere kind of mess. 

Key Features

  • Battery runtime: runs for up to 40 minutes, compared to 20 minutes on previous generation machines.

  • 2-in-1: a cord-free stick vacuum to clean floors and reach up high, quickly turns into a powerful handheld that you can take to the car, the couch or the stairs.

  • Acoustics: Dyson V8 cord-free vacuums are 50 per cent quieter than previous generation machines.

  • Shroud wiper: never touch dirt and debris picked up by your vacuum ever again. The V8features a bin emptying mechanism that slides a tight rubber collar down the shroud for hygienic bin emptying.

  • Max mode: offers 115AW of suction for more difficult tasks, activated with an intuitive switch.

  • Whole machine filtration: captures allergens and expels cleaner air. A redesigned post-motor filter is standard on all Dyson V8 machines.

  • Versatile cleaner heads: with two Dyson-engineered cleaner heads, the soft roller removes large and small debris from hard floors, while the direct drive cleaner head digs deep into carpets.


I started getting real messy in the kitchen. I've never created a mess of this caliber before but I decided to turn my OCD switch off and let loose for a bit. My adrenaline rush kicked in. Before I knew it, I was throwing flour everywhere. It was a hot mess

Out came my Dyson V8 Animal and in a matter of place was spotless. I was shocked how powerful this little animal is. The best part, it transforms from a full-sized cordless vacuum to a handheld in a matter of seconds. With its many attachments, I was able to reach all the little nooks and cranies in my kitchen. The excitement was real because this was something I thought I could never achieve. Dyson proved me wrong. 

My kitchen never looked this spotless before. 

Dyson's versatile cleaner heads were able to pick up all the little grains of flour from my hardwood floors and tables. Instantly I went from annoyed "Monica" to happy "Monica". The OCD me definitely gave this vacuum my seal of approval. No joke, I'm never turning back from Dyson vacuum cleaners. I've never felt so content with a vacuum before and I've been recommending it to friends and even convinced my parents to invest in one! Cheers to living in a dust-free, clean environment again! 


Photos Captured by: Ash Hobian (@ashhobian)